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Antonio Romano, was born in Tunisia on 04/04/1955, of italian parents. He came to Italy in 1961, establishing himself in Rome. At thirteen years of age he began to feel a strong passion for singing, and encouraged by the increasing praise and appreciation of his talent, he began to sing classical arias, drawn from a vast italian repertoire, in particular Neapolitan and Roman passages, for himself and his friends. Driven by this great passion, Antonio Romano proudly sang celebrated arias at weddings, such as Schubert's Ave Maria. Also his very beautiful and romantic serenades are much appreciated. In 1978, in  shows and telecasts, he sang various passages from his vast musical repertoire. His interpretation of Arrivederci Roma and Santa Lucia Luntana at "La Grande Occasione" program was outstanding. Antonio Romano has  always remained in his beloved city where in 1997 he recorded his first CD. He has recorded several more since, and they are all available for all to listen to and download from this site.
Awards received from Net-Parade
Awards received from "Canzoni senza tramonto"
Recognized also from the vast web people as
the best performer Italian Song, Roman and Neapolitan.


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